Business History

Sunstar plumbing Pty Ltd, previously known as Sunstar Services, is a family owned business, founded by Steve Demeter and it has been established in 1993. The company was registered as a Proprietary Company under the Corporation Act 2001 in Brisbane, Australia, in 12 September 2002 and since it has been operating and providing plumbing services within Australia.

What we do

The company provides complete Plumbing and Drainage and also Fire services for government and non government organizations, building companies, specializing on new constructions.Over the past 22 years the company completed close to 1000 new dwelling for various companies, including:

-Rainbow builders
-Colonial Building
-Constructions plus
-Nikal Design
-Pivotal Homes


The company is committed to offer and provide high quality, reliable excellence services for its customers.


Management & Ownership

The owner, director and the manager of the company is Steve Demeter. The company currently employs 24 employees and continues to expand.



Some of the major projects over the last two years carried out by Sunstar Plumbing Pty Ltd.

Shottery Street, Annerley - Queensland Government Project

- Complete Plumbing and Drainage services

Factory Warehouse - Johnston Road, Heatwood

- Major alteration to factory - plumbing, drainage, storm water and fire services

Usher Avenue, Labrador - Emergency accommodation for Queensland Government - Unit complex-

- Complete Plumbing, drainage, storm water filtration

Sienna Road, One Mile - Queensland government project

- Complete Plumbing, drainage and stormwater service

220 Beaudesert Road, Mooroka - Queensland Government project

- Complete Plumbing & Drainage and stormwater service

Payne Road, The Gap / Luxury apartments (31 units)

- Complete Plumbing & Drainage, storm water & fire services

College Kinder Garden - Waller Road, Crestmead

- Complete Plumbing & Drainage, storm water & fire services

Medical Centre - Oxley Rd, Corinda

- Complete Plumbing & Drainage

Coffee Shop - Gold Coast Uni Hospital

- Complete Plumbing & Drainage

Thorne Street, IPswich - Queensland Government

- Complete Plumbing & Drainage, storm water & fire services

Tank Street, Kelvin Grove - Completed

- Seven Stories building (55 units)
- Fire Service, Diesel pump, Complete Plumbing & Drainage, storm water & fire services

Victoria Park Road, Kelvin Grove, - Just completed

- 118 Apartments
- Complete Plumbing & Drainage, fire & stormwater services

Currently, Sunstar Plumbing Pty Ltd is undertaking the plumbing and drainage constructions of:

    • 82-100 new homes
    • Land street, Toowong - Just started
      • 13 stories apartments
      • Complete Plumbing & Draiage
    • Kurzok Place, Richland
      • New Factory - Just started
      • Complete Plumbing & Drainage


      • Colonial Building - Ph: 07 5563 2111 / Fax: 07 5563 2277
      • Construction Plus
      • Pivotal Homes
      • Mosaic Construction - Ph: 1300 3360989 / Fax: 07 3171 2216
      • CS Developments

      At Sunstar plumbing Pty Ltd you are assured of quality services that are provided with the highest standards.